Below are some of the painters that I consider sources
of inspiration … or I just plain envy:

Some Contemporary Painters:

William Wray A great gritty urban landscape painter.

Bato Dugarzhapov An amazing painter in the Russian Impressionist tradition.

Ken Auster A surfer T-shirt designer turned painter.

Kevin Macpherson Wrote the books that got me start painting on location.

Stapleton Kearns A traditional New England painter with a great sense of humor, a ton of painting knowledge and a blog that reflects it.

Colin Page A Maine painter with sparkling work.

Marc Dalessio An American working mostly in Europe with a classical bent.

Zhang Hongnian Chinese classical painter with interesting complementary color palette (the Yin and Yang of painting book)

Dan Corey A Maine painter who sees the light sparkle as well.

Kyle Martin An excellent and prolific painter who inspired me to keep grinding them out.

And Some Who Have Passed:

Charles Sovek A painter as well as author of a number of good painting books.

Emille Gruppe A Gloucester, Massachusetts painter and author of a number of good painting books.

John F. Carlson Wrote the bible of traditional landscape painting.

More to come…

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