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These Arts & Crafts/Early-20th-Century fonts were offered for free on my old site.

The quality is not so great on some of these fonts, on others you don’t get a full set of characters.

But they’re still free.


Chelsea Studio | Download


Davys | Download


Dyer | Download


Eccentrical | Download


EddaCaps | Download


Semiramis | Download


Spanky’s Bungalow | Download


Willow A&C | Download


Adresack | Download


Nickley | Download


Runy Tunes | Download


Hut Sut Ralston | Download


Kelmscott Roman | Download


Tanglewood Tales | Download


Hobby Horse | Download


Art Noveau Intitial Caps | Download


Nickelodeon | Download


Fortunaschwein | Download


Speedball | Download


Speedball Semi | Download


Avignon | Download


Souci Sans | Download


Ragg Mopp | Download


Our Gang | Download


Sarah Caps | Download


Bala Cynwyd | Download


Runy Tunes Revisited | Download


Grasshopper | Download


Rivanna | Download


Payzant Pen | Download


Shangri-La | Download

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  1. Been working in Arts and Crafts wood for a while but could never find the fonts for creating clocks, address signs, and plaques on my CNC machine. Thank so much for posting this wonderful data.

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